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Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with my back up sensors. I put on a new Steel Craft rear bumper on, inserted my stock sensors in the new bumper with no problems(hitch also always installed) worked great for 2 weeks, then started acting up like there was something behind me. I have had sensors go bad before so I figured no big deal I will just do the ticking test and see which one is bad. So I swapped it out for a new one and still had the same problem. Checked all my connections to make sure they were good and clean. So at this point I said screw it and bought all 4 FORD OEM sensors not after market. Replaced all 4 sensors and still beeps like something is behind me. Also now sometimes I will put it in reverse and it wont beep, but most of the time it beeps when in reverse like something is there. It will change sounds if I do get close enough to something to go solid. I even pulled my hitch out and it still beeps. now on occasion it will automatically go into the off position by itself. HELP! only thing left I can think of is the PAM. Anybody ever run into this problem?:dunno:
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