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My work rented a 08 F250 crew cab for me to drive pulling a 9000lbs trailer and 11.9 tall. I put 1900 miles on it and this is what I think now this is just my opinion and everybody has one.
1st nice truck I like the looks of the truck
2nd don’t like the hood when you open it the whole grill comes up and whack you head on it
3rd the interior sucks didn't like it at all seats very uncomfortable you had to lean up off the seat the change the radio they felt like I was sitting on a boat cushion. It seems that I could never get the right spot to leave the seat. The vents with the chrome blind you when the sun hits them.
4th the mirrors are nice bigger spot mirror lighted turn signal
5th now the diesel was very impressive a lot of power got 9.5 mpg when pulling the trailer and 15 to 16 when not I like the tow/haul switch verse the overdrive on mine still did 2 grand at 70 on or off also when tow switch on when you hit the brake the engine brake comes on very nice lots of power went from gentry AK to Louisville KY some very interesting hill and curves only got below 60 once. I like the boots gauge on the truck but the tranny temp never moved.

So in all I am glad that I have gotten to drive one there nice but I like mine better. That’s my opinion so just take it with a grain of salt:crazy:
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