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Hey Everybody! Been lurking on the forums for a couple weeks trying to figure out an adequate solution to my current dilemma.

I've got a guy that bought a '99 E350 that has a 7.3 in it. He also bought an '08 E150 with a 5.4 in it that he has already had his body guy swap the front clip, doors, etc over to in order to accommodate an intercooler and other fun stuff. The difficulty that I'm having is that hes now put it in my hands to figure out how to swap the 08 dashboard and steering column into the 99 van. In my research it seems that in '02-'03, the 7.3 came with a CAN capable ECU, and in '08, the E350's came with a 6.4 with a CAN driven gauge cluster.

If we were assuming money is not really a consideration at this point, could I theoretically procure an '02-'03 7.3 ECU and vehicle harness along with a '08 6.4 dash cluster that would bolt into the '08 dash from the current 5.4 van and whip up a selection of relays and half a firewall to make them work together? Has anybody successfully pulled this off? Does anybody know if the CAN communication is the same for these Fords across the years?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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