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Ok so real quick this is not any of the normal crank no start issues

I know its hard to trouble shoot over the internet. short video at bottom

So before I go yanking this for a full autopsy I'm looking for opinions by whoever has more experience with these what do you think it is.

I have no history of what happened to the Truck before it died, I bought it at auction knowing it had a mechanical issue I took a stab at it cheep with the hope it didn't need a new engine but knew it might.

It came with brand new Napa Batteries and a napa starter I assume its the one for a 6.0 not sure its part number. They all test good.
The HPOP is showing 1571 psi at 84.7% the LPOP the dash gauge shows it rise during cranking, FICM is good 48, sync is good all the normal stuff checks good.

My issue is its not cranking fast enough and its a very Labored crank. Remember I assumed this has internal damage question is what.

The coolant degas bottle was empty no signs it boiled over at the bottle

Truck also had a empty gallon of green coolant in the cab.

Oil was black Didn't smell like diesel but was very Bubbly when I drained it, I didn't find any metal in it via magnet fishing but I am going to filter it all and see if I can find anything.

Oil filter was not a Motorcraft and it had a Napa tall cap. I am not sure if this filter belonged to the Napa cap but it was not glued to it they were separated, filter appeared crushed from pressure/suction but no markings on the filter other than "made in usa" on the one end.
Oil drain pan magnet was clear of any shavings.

Drained coolant out of the Radiator it was green and I need to measure it to see how much it had in it also had an oily sheen but wasn't over the top contaminated but you could see it in the suns reflection so not sure if this is oil or diesel.

I cut open the filter and unfolded it, The filter had about 5 small metal slivers like someone machined a little bit off of something with a lathe. Eyeballing it the slivers are about .001 wide and around 1/4 inch long that could be wrong but they are very thin slivers and had a slight curve, Then there were little tiny specks of ferrous metal flakes throughout the filter as I opened it I had to use a magnet on all of these while looking the filter over otherwise I couldn't pick them up they are small.

I can try to get a photo tomorrow of this but I don't have one now.



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I agree - tear down time. Wjo knows how much abuse that engine has taken.

Might want to inspect the LPOP and front cover first.
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