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06 F350 Lariat CC SW 4x4

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Hate to do it but finances are taking a little hit right now. Up for sale is my 2006 Lariat F350 with 142000 miles. I have had this just over a year and have loved it but I cant afford to keep it right now. As near as I can tell this truck is running awesome. It had the EGR delete done when I got it, coolant bypass filter was installed before I got it. All in the last year I have had a new radiator put in with a complete coolant flush, had a new exhaust manifold put in on the right side and the resurfaced the left side, new Y pipe off the turbo, new Rancho shocks, new 140A alternator, new batteries, replaced all the fluids and oils except the brake fluid, new 190 degree thermostat. 2" front leveling kit, LED lights all the way around on the exterior. 5" MBRP exhaust. Leather interior, heated front seats, bench seat up front, sunroof, husky floor liners, KURT 5th wheel flipover 2 5/16 ball. Crack in the winshield, some rust on the rockers. I owe 13K but am considering offers. This truck is located in SE Idaho and I am willing to drive it 200 miles for a guaranteed buyer.


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Well its been a good ride. I dont know how to delete this but this truck is SOLD. Hope my trails cross with the Powestroke.Org team later on!!!
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