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06 f250 axles swap for obs D60

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Hey guys. Bought complete front and rear axles from blown 06 f250 4x4 with 90k on them and 3.73's to swap into my obs. Have decided to not do the swap and would like to trade the axles for a d60 with everything I need to just bolt in. Preferably rebuilt with 3.55,s manual hubs and an RSK kit or cash.

I have the 06 front and rear axles complete from hub to hub, coils, bump stops radius arms, entire steering system including box, and sway bar and mounts. Only things missing to do the swap is rear springs coil buckets and radius arm frame mounts.

I may also be interested in selling the axles outright for the right price.

Pm me or text me if interested-Jason 9014848879
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I have the front and rear axles from a 2000 F250 that I'm looking to sell/trade for 05-07 axle parts. The 2000 is a D50 though. Still have the parts? Interested in a trade?
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