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Is it 2wd or 4wd crew or extended cab?

I have an 06 lariat 4x4 ex cab and love it

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You gotta give us a little more info on it than that. Then we can tell you whatever you want to know :thumb:

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well its an extended cab long bed 4x4 with old man miles on it. like the guy had it taken to the ford dealership every time he got the oil changed and has it all documented. i know i guy so i am not worried about it have been treated bad. what are some basic mod i can to do it to get the most out of the truck.

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New Owner TIPS: (Top 25)
1. proper filters (Motorcraft, Racor, or International)
2. proper fuel (get fuel from high volume stores, when you drain water from the HFCM, empty it into a jar and visualy inspect)
3. proper oil (highly recommend 5W40) - must be CI4, CI4+, or CJ4
4. proper coolant (Motorcraft Premium Gold or Zerex G05 - must meet Motorcraft spec: WSS-M97B51-A1)
5. proper tranny fluid (Mercon SP ONLY)
6. proper maintenance (fluid and filter change intervals)
7. drain the water from the HFCM every oil change
8. regular "pull and check" EGR valve for coking (and for wetness) - do it w/ your truck on an incline facing downwards. maybe even do the same for your turbo.
9. minimize idling
10. drive EASY until the truck is fully warm
11. occasionally "punch it and drive hard for a short while" BUT ONLY after fully warm
12. If you suspect your local fuel stations may have marginal fuel quality (cetane) use a quality fuel additive (Stanadyne, Diesel Kleen)
13. routine battery and alternator tests (MUST individually load test batteries). The electrical system checks are to catch issues BEFORE they ruin the FICM
14. ccv re-route - good reliability mod, keeps oil out of your intake
15. coolant filter - very good reliability mod, even for an older engine, you can get solids circulating that can plug up your oil filter)
16. gauges (boost, EGT, oil temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure)
17. most recent flash upgrade
18. Install the "high-idle" mod - especially if you plan to idle a lot.
19. security system and door lock upgrades - these trucks are easily stolen
20. power steering fluid filter - cheap mod, can't hurt
21. larger exhaust for lowering EGTs - especially if towing
22. fuel supply upgrades - consider at least increasing the size of the fuel supply lines and possibly a return regulated system.
23. read the forums and learn all you can about your truck and doing repairs yourself - you will save a lot of $$'s.
24. find a mechanic that comes HIGHLY recommended. A good dealership mechanic is worth a fortune to you.
25. if you just have to run a tuner, be real picky about the type of tuner and the tunes you run. Head studs (ARP) would be a very good idea!
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