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Ok I've been searching but it seems that i can't find the exact answer to my question/issue, so here it is.
The symptoms: When the truck is not up to operating temp it lacks power while accelerating and starts missing, while it is missing there is a blue/white smoke that goes away when up to speed. When it's up to temp there is very little to no smoke and doesnt have any power issues.
It has been missing while cold for some time now and I was thinking injectors, but up until recently there was no smoke. Now there is..

I was curious if my egr cooler was leaking so i parked it nose down on a slope and left it for a couple hours. There is a bit of moisture at the very front, very little but it is there.

So the question being, would an egr cooler failure make the truck miss while accelerating when cold?

Thanks for any info, sorry for it being rather long winded.
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