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I have a 2006 6.0. All stock. Started it up the other morning (~80 deg F) and it immediately started idling rough, almost to the point of stalling though it never stalled. Also blew black smoke, mostly on acceleration.
Pulled it around back and checked the obvious things. EGR was clean and dry. Upper fuel filter is clean. Air filter is new. All gauges are normal. I added a can of Seafoam to the oil and gas.
I went for a 60 mi drive the next morning. Started with a bit of a miss but not near as bad as the previous morning. Opened it up on the interstate and everything seemed to clear up. No more smoke. Smooth acceleration and deceleration. I was singing the praises of Seafoam!
Next morning everything went back to square-1. Went for a drive and truck blows black smoke on initial acceleration and blows heavier black smoke on deceleration with some light puffs of white smoke in between. Dealer says the injectors tested good electrically. I can't see any combustion bubbles in the degas bottle.

Any thoughts?

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