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I have a 2005 F350 Lariat 4x4.

My problem is that when I either lock my doors with the key FOB, or just hit the lock button on the door and close my door.....after say 10-15 secs the horn beeps once with the lights flashing at the same time, then 1 sec later it does it again, and again......does this for say 5-7 times, then it stops and arms. BUT.... after say several minutes, the alarm goes off for about a minute then goes off and arms again.

What in the crap is this all about?

Now keep in, when I take the key out, the door chime stays on while door is open. But sometimes I can tap the ignition switch or steering column and it stops. So that could attribute to this.

Please help. Thank you?:nerd:

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as far as the ignition I would venture to guess it's worn out
and they are easy to change

wolf security hardware on ebay will sell you an OEM ignition and key it up to match the picture of your OEM key
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