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I was pulling my trailer back from the races about a month ago and my truck got hot. low coolant was the problem so i just added some. i filled it up and figured it was just an accident because it got low. Now, its used over a gallon and idk where its going. I think its going into the oil because when i looked at the dipstick the level has significantly rose. also, there are little pieces of something black on the dipstick. some sort of plastic or gasket material? i dont think its metal but i could be wrong. im gunna drain the oil soon but i would like to get an idea of whats going on if anybody can help.
Its never used coolant like this before.
Truck is an 05 6.0l. Problem occurred pulling about 3500lbs up and down hills with a 65hp tow tune from eric at innovative.
I got to looking at the dipstick and the oil is still black. it doesnt look clouded with water and it doesnt smell like diesel. I guess maybe i couldve overfilled it last oil change. Ill know more when i drain it tomorrow.
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