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Hello Again,

Now that I am not on the side of the road I figured I would clerify my problums in hopes that someone out there would have a solution or two. I have an 04 F250 4x4 6.0ltr with about 115,000 I was pulling a trailer that weighed about 2000lbs. While driving I lost power suddenly - not a little, But a drastic loss - Immediatly I pulled over and shut it off thinking I blew a boot or something. All boots intact I went to restart and the engine and it cranked slow. After sitting for about 20 min it started right up but idled rough. Sat for a few more min and started again normally ran good for about 4 miles before complete lose of power again (pedel to floor RPM stay at or below 2300 and 40 -50 MPH top speed). can hear turbo but doesn't sound like it is spooling up.

I recently bought this truck and had simular issues. The Mechanic had it for about a week and a half. He said the vanes were rusted and stuck so he rebuilt the turbo and replaced the intercooler that had a hole blown in it as well as changing out a few sensors that were not reading right.

Any ideas thoughts opinions on this one. :icon_ford:
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