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03 7.3 aftermarket hpop lines?

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So, my factory lines at 170k mi, were leaking at the seals. I thought, hey why not replace them? New lines came with fittings and a xover line, which I did not use or care to discuss, but after initial install began leaking at same fittings.
Now after 3 X r&r LEAKING!
Has anyone tried replacing these oversized, stiff, in the way lines with formed metal lines (like brake lines)?
Is there some reason this won't work?
If nothing else, how do I prevent the leaks on what I have now?
Please help me out here.
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Here is the line kit Justin is talking about.

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@[email protected]

I have a question.

What is the difference between


It looks to be a extra line that comes w/ one?
The HPX line is not factory, and it helps keep the pressure more consistent between the two heads. We have a kit that includes all three lines for a bit less money when purchased together.

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@[email protected] on your site it talks about the problem the crossover line is supposed to help. Oil pressure "spikes" bc of the speed of injectors firing. Does this problem also occur if the split spots have been replaced with single shots, where I suppose the injectors fire less since it's a single shot?
It still happens with all injectors, even common rail, but those are a bit different animal.

Single shot injectors are a bit more noisy by nature because there is no pilot injection event like the split shots have. Single shots will make your truck idle a bit more like a medium duty dump truck, since that's what Navistar typically put in those trucks/busses.
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I’d like to add a question here
@[email protected]
I am using the adrenaline pump, which does away with internal check valves. This supposedly allows full volume of flow to both sides and I remember reading at the time that this “feature” means a crossover line is not needed.
My thoughts are that another link in this circuit would still provide an advantage in keeping a balance between the heads. However, being that there isn’t really a return line all the pump is doing is providing pressure.
Do you have an opinion on this?
A customer of mine who is a hydraulics/fluid power engineer posted results years ago on FTE that there is still a benefit of running a HPX line with an Adrenaline pump. The graph on my webpage for the HPX line is actually from him.

There is a return circuit (not a physical line like the fuel side on these 7.3's), but it's built into the pump housing and directly drains back to the pan via the front timing cover.

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