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Read codes; get the following: Two different sets; first set is the
first time; then a reset; second set is what it set the next time.

P1247; P1248; P0236

P0236; P0237; P1248

I had t'd into the MAP line with a boost gauge; didn't read boost at
WOT; but it will build 10psi at part throttle and seems to have a
smooth/linear build rate that is appropriate.

The truck runs fine, shifts fine, you really wouldn't know there was
anything wrong except the light comes on.

The MAP line is clean/unobstructed; no leaks. MAP was replaced
approx. 1k miles ago;(apparently in error). The hose fitting at the manifold is
clear/unobstructed. All boost tubes/connections are tight. The
red/green molded plastic lines that run between the intake
manifold/air inlet/etc; all those hoses are clear/clean unobstructed.

Any suggestions as to what to look for? Seems electrical, not
mechanical at this point.

On code P0236; I have a description of "Turbo boost press Circuit A
circuit performance". What is "circuit A"?

The only other thing is that it takes "X" number of key cycles for it
to set the light. It ONLY sets the light immediately after the gauge
cluster bulb test sequence. It never sets the light running down the
road; only after the key position goes to "run"; bulb test; then the
light stays on and the codes are set.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need something beyond the usual "check the lines and hoses". I've searched the code sets; apparently this is not uncommon for the 7.3 to have on occasion; but I've yet to find any resolution to it.
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