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i have an 03 f350 6.0l it will set a cylinder 6 contribution code. i replaced the injector last week code keeps coming back. I did a power balance using ids the cylinder will only drop to -20 koer in drive or a gear when i power brake it in said gear it smooths out and power balance is normal. (Before replacing the injector it was worse). Ficm voltages are 12v 48v (wont drop below 47v cycling key) and 12v. relative compression is good, all cylinders are the same. Passes injector electrical test. Any ideas or suggestions on what to test, iam starting to lean towards a ficm internal issue.

the other issue is that the truck will not learn vgt strategy. The vgt strategy learn conditions met pid will switch back and forth from yes and no. the conditions not met pid stays at no( meaning all conditions are met to learn). while koer the maf pid has noise in the signal (alot of tiny up and downs forming the line) the same with map. i tryed replacing both sensors same thing. All intake tubes are tightly installed along with a brand new green o-ring. no vgt or ebp codes set.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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