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2002 7.3 Excursion 241k Stock.

Purchased the truck with a SCT x4. PO claimed the tow tune was installed.

I returned to stock with sct x4. Now, I am able to read parameters from the x4 (EOT, ECT etc...) but I am not able to read truck info such as VIN and I cannot download codes. I get a general error from the sct x4.

I have also tried a separate OBD/II code reader which also is unable to communicate with the truck.

SCT claims something is wrong with the truck. However my batteries are new and nothing is plugged into the 12v sockets.

The only thing I can think is something went wrong with the return to stock flash and now i need a dealer reflash of the ECM? Any thoughts?

Truck start and runs otherwise fine with no CEL.
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