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OK i have been dealing with problems with my wifes 01 excursion for about 2 months now...It has a hypertech programmer on it i am having problems with too. This is what i have had happen and done so far...

Cranking but no start issue...Used Hypertech programmer to reflash truck and started fine after reflash except vehicle had to be jumped off everytime.

This problem happened 4 times...

The 5 time i plugged in the programmer and it gave me an error code 91 which says it is unable to program due to wrong vin. Called hypertech did everything they said to do but no prevail...Took battery terminals off and let rest and then plugged back in and jumped vehicle off and started and ran fine. Turned it off and tried to start again and once again cranking but no start. So hypertech program is installed on truck and i have no way to take it off unless reflashed by Ford Dealership...

Found one of the batteries to be bad and the other on to be only a year old...put in a new battery and started fine one time...then no start again after that...

Installed a new starter, cam position sensor, and rear speed sensor this morning...First time cranking started great. Turned truck off started and nothing again...

Disconnected batteries and removed ecu to make sure all power had been drained...Plugged it all back in and now i have the following problems.

1. crank but no start
2. abs light still on
3. no wait to start light
4. no tach movement when cranking
5. theft light rapid flash even after PATS reset

I have been searching all over for the last 6 hours and everything i find i have checked. Which i did check fuse # 30 and it is fine. I am leaning towards a bad pcm but i was wanting some others opinons before I go that route. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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