Model:F350 Super Duty Crew Cab
Mileage:225000 M
Engine:7.3L Powerstroke
Trim:Lariat Limited Edition
Guys, I appreciate the forum and have always came in and found the topics and write ups very useful especially when it came to my 01 7.3.
Unfortunately, I had a tree land on the cab of my 01 F350 Dually Lariat LE and is considered a loss. All components other than the cab, driver door, hood and front windshield were not damaged. The insurance is low balling me and just wanted to explore options elsewhere and hopefully give somebody a good deal.
The truck aside from the smashed in cab drives and runs fine.
The following are some of the details:
  • 2001 F350 Lariat LE Dually 4x4 w/ 7.3L Powerstroke
  • ~220K miles
  • New Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT w/ less than 1k miles
  • New Bilstein shock absorbers/struts w/ less than 1k miles
  • New leaf springs from SD w/ less than 1k miles (front and back)
  • New wastegate, driver side header, Y pipe and up pipes. Cant remember brands but can look it up if need be.
  • Has the factory goosneck hitch with rotatable ball.
  • (2) new batteries with military style terminals ~ 2.5 year old now
I would like to sell the truck to someone as is because I don't have to time nor energy to part it all out. As mentioned, the truck was in good condition prior to this with current tags. The cab of the truck took the brunt of the tree and so other than a dent on the hood, all the components in the engine bay were undamaged. Items like the turbo and the transmission were rebuilt recently but it was done when my Uncle owned it prior to me buying it from him. I recall seeing the transmission receipt in the glove box and just going off of memory, it was rebuilt around 2016 ish... The turbo had no play on the wheels when I replaced the components mentioned above but don't have a clue of when my uncle had it rebuilt.
Please PM me if interested.
I appreciate everyone's interest.