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currently have a 01 7.3 diesel f250 (179,000) that i had dropped off at a shop about 6 mo. ago when i bought it(165,000) and had it checked out. Has a nasty oil leak, about a qt. every 350 - 500 mi. or so but i keep up on it and am going to fix the front and rear seal leaks soon. other than tell me that the only thing the shop did was change the cam shaft sensor, that was causing my truck to stall when the gas was released and the break applied(driving) ... rarely it would shut off when i was stopped and let off the break and got on the gas a bit quick it seemed to want to stall. and they replaced 6 fuses that were blown they said. Not a big mechanic when it comes to a diesel ( first one ) but i can take apart my dirt bikes and sport bikes like no tomorrow.

Now recently as of yesterday I was driving down a toll road when it died for good (as of now). A few days earlier i was driving with cruise control on (at 75) and the truck downshifted for no reason, flat ground with no trailer. didn't think anything of it. Turned the cruise off and continued home. Now the next day or two i would be crusing at 50 - 60 and the truck wouldn't downshift but it would change pitch in the sound the motor was making .. ? no other way to describe it than that ... not jerking or anthing with the drive just a sound pitch change. Then the shutting off began. The same way as before where it would shut off 1 of 3 ways. Either i would be at a stop and the let off the break and get on the gas ( not hard ) but quickly and the truck would just die, or i would be crusing around 35-50 lets say and let off the gas and the rmps would still be up but when the break was applied and rmps started to decline before comming to an idle it would just die, sometime catching itselft before it died, sometimes fine, and sometimes die. The third way was that i would be at the bottom of possiably 3rd aound 30 and you just let off the gas letting the rpms drop almost to an idle state and the truck would just die ... this was the most rare occasion.

When it finally died i was coasting up to a sunpass toll and applied the break causing it to stall upon contact of the break. able to coast it off the exit and onto the side of the road i went back today to replace the camshaft sensor figuring i just got another faulty one i have heard about recalls about fron the previous mechanic. I replaced it and same scenerio. It will crank like a beast but no rpm fluctuation. Also haven't hooked it up to a comp but no check engine light is on ...

Pretty much at the mercy of a dealership if i cant an anser here

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