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00 F250 issues

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Ok a real problem child here...This truck has been driving me nut for 3 months now. Here in ol Afghanistan...the trucks aren't treated very well to say the least.
It's a military tow vehicle - 2000 F250 7.3/AODE, its governed to 35mph. I think it cuts injectors to govern the speed but I am not completely sure on this one.

Here's the has been turned into our vehicle maintenance at least 5 times in the last 3 months for no power, rough idle and barely starts. I personally drove it tonight and it would bog really bad when put in gear, misfires VERY badly and wouldn't get over 10mph. Maintenance says that the only codes they ever get out of it is #1 and #2 inj misfires. It seems that if you take it all the way to the 35mph governor is when the problems start. It somehow fixes itself but it's not exactly obvious when this happens.
I talked to them tonight and found out that they have replaced the IPR, and swapped out the IDM and ECM with another truck to see if that was the issue. It's not apparently what other things should I tell them to check?!?
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Our patrol boats did the same thing when we were in Kuwait a couple years ago. The crap blowing around out there is probably clogging everything up, we also had some bad diesel get run through. The engines were Cummins, and luckily they held up. Seems simple enough, but maybe the diesel or the crap out there ripped through everything. Just a thought. On the one engine we replaced the injectors and both fuel pumps, ran great after that.
forgot to ask, why is it governed to 35mph? Is it doing it on it's own or did someone set it there? Seems too low, especially for running in a war zone!
they are set they way from the body builder. We tow munitions loaded trailers with you don't want some jackhole dragging a loaded bomb trailer too fast.
oh, I can see your point. I kow your fuel there sucks to say the least. The above is about the only thing i can suggest, unless the exhausr valve is all clogged up or something, be patient, someone who knows more than me will chime in here soon.
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