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0-60 times with spartan 250 and 275

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Wondering what an estimate or exact the 0-60 time will be for a 6.4 crew cab with straight pipe cai and spartan 250 or 275??

thanks for the help
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????? anyone????
im just going to guess somewhere between 0 and 10 seconds.... lol sorry man had to do it.
There are a lot of variables in 0-60 second times in a diesel truck. Whether or not you use 4wd is the biggest. I have never tried it with the 250 or 275 tune. I found a calculator online once that used my 1/4 mile time slip to determine and it said 4.1 with the 310 tune. That was when my truck was pretty basic (other than the SunCoast).

I would say between 5-7 seconds with the 250 tune and 275 tune in 4wd depending on how hard the truck is launched.
Easy 4 seconds. On my 6.0L with the SRL+ tune I can crank out a high 4 second 0-60 pass with a boosted 4X4 launch. :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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