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▀▄►Shocks and Spring NeedHelp 1999 F250 4wd 4dr

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I currently bought a 1999 F250 4x4 4door DualCab Long bed (Not Dually)

Both my front springs are broken due to an accident.

I read F81A AFD RPN 0779 Drivers front side

I would like to replace both Leaf springs without being overpriced at the dealer.

I see many on ebay 0" 2" 4" 5.5"
My truck is stock.. Which should I buy?

I did my research "google" with no success..

This is my First F250 and need your help..


Also would like to replace my Motorcraft shocks
Now has
Front Shocks ASH-12302
Rear Shocks ASH-23372

How about Rancho Shock RS9000XL???

Should I go with Drilled Slotted Rotors or Same?
Ceramic or Semi Metallic brakes?

Any help would be great.. Thank you!!!
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XCode springs are the highest weight rated leaf springs that ford made for these trucks. They came on super dutys that had the plow (snow) package as well as all f450 and f550's. They'll make the front end much stouter. You'll gain anywhere from an 1"-2" in ride height. Most guys (myself included) put them on to "level" out their truck and run bigger tires. If you go this route you will want to add f350 rear blocks to your truck as the front end will appear slightly higher with the xcodes. If you don't wanna pay dealer prices you can try Same springs just cheaper. I'd go with bilstein shocks. Improved ride quality over the ranchos imo. As for the rotors, I've always gone with the oem solid rotors. I've heard stories where the drilled or slotted rotors had tendencies to crack. These are big heavy trucks and I want as much rotor as possible. Unless your drivin the Daytona 500 I see no point in a slotted or drilled rotor. Just my .02. Hope this helps ya and :ORG welcome: if ya have anymore questions ask away.
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