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▀▄►Shocks and Spring NeedHelp 1999 F250 4wd 4dr

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I currently bought a 1999 F250 4x4 4door DualCab Long bed (Not Dually)

Both my front springs are broken due to an accident.

I read F81A AFD RPN 0779 Drivers front side

I would like to replace both Leaf springs without being overpriced at the dealer.

I see many on ebay 0" 2" 4" 5.5"
My truck is stock.. Which should I buy?

I did my research "google" with no success..

This is my First F250 and need your help..


Also would like to replace my Motorcraft shocks
Now has
Front Shocks ASH-12302
Rear Shocks ASH-23372

How about Rancho Shock RS9000XL???

Should I go with Drilled Slotted Rotors or Same?
Ceramic or Semi Metallic brakes?

Any help would be great.. Thank you!!!
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Thanks for the info.. x code? I am new to this
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