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Test the diode with a meter - if your meter has the diode test function -- a diode is a "one way check valve" for electricity, so will pass electric one way but not the other

Can you do a "buzz test" on the IDM ?
ForScan is my preferred tool for this test

That code is a communication fault to the IDM, so can be a bad IDM, fuse, harness, etc.
Running a buzz test will at least let you know if the IDM can function with commands from the PCM

Do you have power at the aux socket in the van (cig lighter) ?

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It kept failing the buzz test

Then i got it started a few days ago and it passed 1 buzz test

Then it was back to crank no start all of the sudden and failed communication between pcm and idm

changed the pcm and idm still nothing

I checked the harness for ohms and it was good

So i think it might be the diode. I dont have the ability to test just the diode, im getting a new one and going to put it in later today.

also i have a decent rear main seal leak… could i not be getting enough oil pressure to fire injectors?
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