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  1. FOR SALE: biodiesel processing unit

    Texas Members
    Biodiesel processing unit: turn used cooking oil (waste vegetable oil WVO) into diesel fuel with this reactor. Entire unit fits on a standard size pallet, great for garages. Never used, includes professionally designed processing unit (NEVER USED! $1800 value) & everything you need to get...
  2. WVO to avoid

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    So I've been picking up WVO in cubbies from a source for about a year now. After the last pickup, when I got home, I noticed that the WVO label was different & had some things printed on it that concerned me: "Clear Liquid Vegetable Frying Shortening Ingredients: Soybean oil, TBHQ, and citric...
  3. Alaska to Chile on WVO, Trip update and thanks to PSD community

    94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    LAST UPDATED JANUARY 29TH 2014 Hello Everyone. My name is Victor and with my girlfriend we are travelling from Alaska to Chile on a 96 PSD converteed to run on Waste cooking oil. Im being posting here, mainly in the problems section, asking for help many times and i think now is time to say...
  4. Selling my 2000 Excursion with 2 tank WVO Conversion

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    Please check out my post in the classified section for more info and pics. Truck looks and runs great. Professionally installed by Golden Fuel System. Vegetable Oil Fuel Systems, Filters, Pumps, DVDs & More!
  5. 2000 7.3 Excursion w/ 2 Tank WVO Conversion $17000

    Selling my 2000 7.3L Excursion with 168k miles. Two years ago I had the Golden Fuel Systems 2 tank Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) conversion system professionally install by Full Circle Fuels. The two tank system is completely automated through the VO Controller system. Truck runs on diesel for...
  6. Alaska to CHile on WVO PSD

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    Hello To everyone. Let me please introduce my self My name is Victor. Me and my girlfriend Caro, are a couple from Chile who came to Canada for a year with a working holiday visa. In 1,5 more month, we are going to start our dream, a trip from Alaska to Chile on a WVO 96 powerstroke camper...
  7. 99-03 7.3l Excursion Greasecar Kit

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    I intended on installing this in my truck but never got around to it with moves and such. Here is the link to GreaseCar's website for this kit. This kit was designed to fit 99-03 7.3l Excursion. It includes a 40-gallon tank, the Co-pilot, and everything except for the fuel lines, which are...
  8. WVO/Biodiesel Custom Tune

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    Is anyone else interested in a WVO/Biodiesel tune? I am only in the interest gathering phase, but I will present the number of interested parties to custom tuners to see if any of them will create a tune for us. I am also interested in one for winter diesel as I spend over half the year...
  9. Vegistroke V3 almost complete kit for sale

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    I have a Vegistroke V3 Kit that I installed on my 6.0 truck back in October. Unfortuanate circumstances mean I have to get rid of the truck. I took the kit off and am offering it up for sale. It only had about 5,000 miles on the kit. Not even enough to change out the filter yet! There are a...
  10. Check it out! (fuel blender?)

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    A buddy of mine gave me this thing and I'm not sure what I have. I cleaned off most of the grime and it says that it's a Cummins fuel blender. The instructions talk about hooking one hose to the drain pan, another to the "blended solution", and the last one dips into and draws from the diesel...
  11. Another DIY wvo conversion idea

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    I've scoured this forum and others (for example, this "classic" thread, Looking for info on converting a 01 f-350 psd - Page 22 - Forums , no i didn't read all 22 pages, ok maybe I did) about converting the 7.3L engine for a 2000 Excursion, yet to be purchased. I've realized that there are lots...
  12. Injector Coking and WVO Issues with Powerstroke 7.3

    General Diesel Discussion
    I have a 1999 Ford F250 7.3 with a 2 tank goldenfuelsystems setup. I have been running WVO in my truck for over 2 years now and am having injector issues. About a year and a half ago I burned up all 8 of my injectors. The mechanic said it was most likely due to water in the fuel. I have a...
  13. WTB Vegistroke Kit

    Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    I am looking to buy a Vegistroke kit to install on a 97' F250 PS and i will be converting to electric pump with dead head system so the 99-03 kit is what i am after. Email me @ [email protected]