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  1. 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    My wife and I recently purchased a 1999 F350 Dually with the 7.3. Everything about this truck is new to me, never had a ford, never had a truck much less a dually and never had a diesel. Needless to say there is quite a learning curve. There's not even an owners manual to look through so I will...
  2. 6.0L Electronics Discussion
    Ok so I had a cracked board in my fuse box. I replaced it and now my radio and windows do not work. I checked fuses and relays relating to both those including the delay acc fuse and relay. I'm stuck and I have no clue what to do. I tried searching but can't find anything.
  3. 6.0L Electronics Discussion
    As stated above my power windows and radio are not working. I was reconnecting my under hood lights wires as I had to cut them to remove my hood during my head stud install. While reconnecting the wires, there was a small arc when I reconnected the wires. I went to roll my window up to drive it...
  4. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    I saw a supercab the other day that had a black strip in between the main window and the suicide door window... I couldn't tell if it was painted or just a sort of 3M plastic piece? It made the cab look larger than it is (kind of looks like the new crew cab f150s or second gen dodges). Anyone...
  5. 99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    I have a leak on my rear window which is a manual slider. There has been water collecting under the rear passenger side plastic door sill cover. I finally ripped out everything from the back of my truck. Nothing to do with the story but the guy who owned the truck before me spilled a bag of...
    i have a 2008 f250 CREW CAB and i need the back passenger window. i would prefer a window with factory tint but i could manage without. also need the molding for the outside of that window at the bottom. if anyone has this for sale please message me. thank you very much
1-6 of 8 Results