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  1. 6.0L Problems Forum
    Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that a wining noise I have been hearing is not coming from my over size tires I have, but from both front wheel hubs. I jacked it up and I can hear then make noise when I spin the wheels, and the drivers side is worse than the passenger side. I think these are...
  2. 6.0 Drivetrain problems
    So last weekend, my vacuum pump started running constantly, sometimes while riding along I can hear some god awful noise from the "driver side wheel area". I have the manual lock hubs and the "circular"swith to go from 2WD 4HI and 4LOW, is that ESOF or do I have to get out and manually lock to...
  3. Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    Hey guys need a little advise here. I have a 95 powerstroke diesel 4X4 7.3, I took it to get the brakes and rotors and one wheel bearing replaced. I dropped it off about 9:30 Am the mech told me it should be around 12 or so. Later that evening I called around 5 pm and asked about the truck. He...
1-3 of 5 Results