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  1. Respect Earned

    General 6.4L Discussion
    I want to take a minute and share something with you guys and gals about a company and how they have earned my respect. Im sure most of you remember the General that was killed out here a couple weeks back. That happened relatively close to my current location. And as you can imagine things were...
  2. Vendors/sponsors

    99-03 7.3L Performance Parts
    2002 7.3 super duty supercab I'm looking for sponsors for this truck The wheels are being changed out to the XD diesel 20x12 - 44 offset but this what it has now *Fully built auto Trans with* Billet internals* Extreme *duty *transmission kit* *tugger shift kit* BTS * *Billet triple disk...
  3. Amazing service as always

    Rollin Smoke Diesel
    Ordered EGR blocker plates from James late yesterday afternoon and on my doorsteps when I arrived home at 3. Other vendors could learn from your service James. Thanks:D