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  1. Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    I have an oil transfer pump I’d like to sell. It’s a 1hp Fill-Rite I have about 20’ of oil resistant transfer hose. This will move oil,transmission fluid and veggie oil pretty fast. I added a spin on filter as well with shut off valve. Pm me if interested, I live in Crossville Tn. I no longer...
  2. General Diesel Discussion
    I have a 1999 Ford F250 7.3 with a 2 tank goldenfuelsystems setup. I have been running WVO in my truck for over 2 years now and am having injector issues. About a year and a half ago I burned up all 8 of my injectors. The mechanic said it was most likely due to water in the fuel. I have a...
  3. Bio-Diesel/Alternative Fuels and Supplements
    I am looking to buy a Vegistroke kit to install on a 97' F250 PS and i will be converting to electric pump with dead head system so the 99-03 kit is what i am after. Email me @ [email protected]
1-3 of 3 Results