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  1. What is This?
    I was wondering if anyone except FORD that makes upfitter switches?? Preferably ones that still look like FORD factory made ones... any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Interior Parts
    Complete Ford Upfitter Switch system out of a 2011 Ford Superduty. System will fit 2011-2015 Superduty trucks. This is all OEM plug & play. I installed in my truck and sold it a month later so it has very little use. $110.00 shipped in USA. Paypal accepted. PM if interested.
  3. 6.7 Electronics Discussion (2011-2016)
    So I'm going to install the air pump for the air bags that I put on my F250. I know the easy way to do it is to rig it to the upfitter switches. It's probably what I'm going to do, but living in Alaska I already have lights and a winch on the truck and they are on 1-3. I still have #4 available...
  4. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    I got a new Road Armor bumper and decided to save the extra $ on lights and put them in myself. The guy wanted north of $700 for some rigid Duallys and D2's and I was able to get them for just under $500. Plus I like doing this sort of stuff so why not? I'll tell you why. Because I have no...
  5. 6.4 Electronics Discussion
    Hey guys wanted to see if I could get some help I just tried hooking up my high idle on my 08 6.4 to upfitter #4 I connected the yellow/green wire to the brown. I'm 99% sure I'm doing everything correct. The truck is started in park and the ebrake is to the floor. I havent used butt circuits yet...
  6. 6.0L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Hi guys, and gals... I just bought a '06 F250 PS CC LWB which I need for some mild towing. Unfortunately it doesn't have the upfitter (sp?) switches and the brake controller in the dash. I possible can both be added if I get them, with all the wiring harnesses and the fuse block?? Any input...