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  1. 6.0L Problems Forum
    I have a 03 f350 with the 6.0, I have replaced my TPS multiple times since 12/2012 I also replaced the FICM and my truck keeps throwing a check engine light for the TPS also since I replaced the FICM when I am driving and holding the same speed the RPM's go up and drop like I was letting off the...
  2. 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    My 97 E4OD has had a hard torque converter shift for the past 2 years - since the day i bought it. My shift pattern is 1, 2, 3, 3lock, 4lock. My problem is when is shifts from 3 to 3lock when accelerating. The TC engagement occurs every single time at 32mph no matter how hard I press on the...
  3. 99-03 7.3 Motor Problems
    Thought my TPS on my 02 f250 7.3L was going bad. I noticed it acted up more on high moisture days (rain, dense fog and snow), figured just the TPS. Replaced the entire assembly. Works fine on dry days acts up on wet days or when I wash the truck. Moisture has to be infiltrating something...
1-3 of 3 Results