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  3. 6.0 Seal installers

    Does anybody have the front and rear crank installation tools and would be willing to let me borrow/rent/buy them? I cant see spending $200 bucks to rent some tools or $400 to buy some tools that I will probably only use once. If you have purchased them and regret it because you have only...
  4. 2006 6.0 bit Disappeared while removing injector hold down

    Engine 911
    i am replacing the injectors on a friends 06 6.0 i removed 2 4 and 6 without a issue but when i was loosening the 8th injector the T40 bit that i was using fell off the socket and landed in the head and when i went to grab it it moved a little when my finger hit it and then it...
  5. Good price on GearWrench flex wrench

    General Diesel Discussion
    It feels like Christmas. I am having trouble getting the passenger side valve cover off my 06 F260, 6.0. So I broke down after all these years and bought a wrench set. If you are like me you want to have a local store you buy your tools from, and with a lifetime warrantee, when they break...
  6. tp-55???

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Hey everyone, trying to get the seats outta my 99 f350. Tried using a t55 and is a little loose. Trucks been sitting for awhile and I've been reading that the bolts are actually a torx plus t-55 (tp-55). Does anyone have a link or an idea where to find one? I've looked at the snap on, and mac...