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thrust bearing

  1. Rebuilt e40d w/ st 3 now "thrust bearing" bad? Help

    94-98 7.3 Trannie Problems
    Friend of mine had trans rebuilt stage 3 buy what we thought was a reputable shop offering a 6 mo 6k mile warrenty. Since rebuild truck has been back 6 times and only put 2k on it. Fluid leaks, shaking, clanking Now it's breaking flex plates. Torque converter shot. After his second flex plate...
  2. Shattered 4R100 Thrust Bearing - Anyone Seen This?

    99-03 7.3 Transmission Problems
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys. I hope you guys don't mind me getting straight to the forum. But its been a bad day. I have an early 1999 F250 Superduty. 7.3L Turbo Diesel, 4R100, I-Beam 2WD. Front end lifted, 35" tires. 1-piece...