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  1. General Diesel Discussion
    Hey guys I have a 1999 F-250 Super Duty with the 7.3. It’s going to be pretty much fully re-done from the ground up it’s was my dads truck. So it’s very sentimental but I am having a coil over swap done to it with the 2005 axles. It’s going to have the 4.5” Back County Carli suspension on it. I...
  2. 99-03 Ford Excursion Forum
    I am trying to find the best option for an adjustable suspension. I had a Kelderman leveling kit that didn't work as well as I'd liked it to. So i had it taken off. The reason I need the X to be able to raise and lower is due to injuries I received while serving in in the Marine Corps. I don't...
  3. Suspension Parts
    can off a 2008 f250 the kit is complete selling it for $3000.00 if your out of town or state you pay freight to get it to you..... call or text me @ 361-537-0065 gabe
  4. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Greetings everyone! It's my first official post, and I hope I did a thorough enough job searching before posting. I purchased my 2011 F450 a little over a month ago. It came to me with a 4" suspension lift and 35" tires. Of course, the stealership did things the cheapest way possible and didn't...
  5. Introductions
    So, I just got my truck a month ago and finally got around to getting on the forum! I had an F-150 before and was on the forums for that and loved it, so I can only imagine that this is better considering how much better the trucks are! A little about me. I'm 23 and live in Ga. I just...
  6. Suspension & Steering
    I'm looking for someone within about a 10 hour radius of Dayton Ohio that has a 8 or 10 inch lift kit that they want to trade for my stock susp. or sell me their lift kit outright. I don't mind driving wherever to pick it up. Has to fit an early 99 f250.
  7. Suspension & Steering
    My truck is a 2wd:look::mad: I need to lift my truck just a little bit for more clearence my question is how to lift the front of the truck I can't find anyone who sells a lift kit 05-07 2wd model my biggest problem is towing through the dirt and mud. I've tried a 2 inch leveling kit but it...
  8. 6.0 Drivetrain problems
    So I went to get my coolant flushed at the dealership and they ran a inspection while they were there saying that my left and right sway bar linkage arms need to be replaced. which i dont doubt them that something is defiantly up with the steering or suspension causing severe feathering of my...
  9. 94-98 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Hi all, I have 94 F250 4x4 Turbo Diesel. my buddy is selling a set of tires and rims that are 355 60 r20. 8 lug. My question is will they fit my truck with out lifting it? Truck is stock suspension/height. Also will it rub if I make a sharp turn? thanks for your help...
  10. Suspension Parts
    I have a skyjacker 15 inch lift that's currently on a 2001 ford super duty. I'm going in a different direction and needing a smaller lift for I'm getting into sled pulls. Cash and or trades are welcome :scuffy
  11. 99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    Have been cruising the forums now for a couple hours taking in as much information as possible about lifting my already 6" lifted PSD (unsure of lift brand) another 1.5-2" without compromising functionality. After reading through 4295 pages of information, it really seems like a crap-shoot as...
1-11 of 11 Results