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  1. Diesel Diagnostics
    F 250 Noise and Stutter - YouTube The link is a video of my truck driving as it stutters and hesitates. The sound is a strange whirring but I think is mechanical and not electrical. The sound stutters, rises and falls with engine RPM Only happens at highways speeds and only after extended...
  2. Diesel Diagnostics
    My F250 has been running great until 2 weeks ago. I have had 2 occasions where when the engine is cold and I am pulling my concession trailer the engine stumbles (won't accelerate) and there is heavy smoke coming out the exhaust (I believe it is blue??). The first time it happened it cleared...
  3. 6.0 Motor problems
    I had an issue with my 04 losing coolant (03 motor)... I broke down and installed an EGR delete about 10 days ago. She was back in her full glory. The new issue started yesterday. I had to go to a buddies house. She ran fine the 2 mile trip there and I never got above 45ish. When I started the...
1-3 of 3 Results