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  1. 6.0L Problems Forum
    Hey everyone, I just joined this forum because this is really a last resort. I have a 03 6.0L that just had a lot of work done on it but is now having a hesitation/studder issue when accelerating. So ive only noticed it when the truck gets to full operating temperature. I still have power when...
  2. 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Problems
    I bought a 7.3 Powerstroke and it studders while at 0-15% idle. Once boost reaches 5psi, the engine smooths out and runs strong to redline. I have replaced: #2 injector #8 injector crank position sensor cam sensor IPC - high pressure oil IDM - new reman new UVCH - both banks new batteries new...
1-2 of 2 Results