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steering box

  1. Steering gear box.

    Suspension & Steering
    Pressing on the Pitman arm and blew the cap out. Can I just change out the cap or is the box F***ed and I need a whole new one?
  2. 97 F350 Starting & Various issues

    94-98 7.3L Problem Forum
    I recently bought a 97 350 7.3 from a guy and it has around 340k, i was expecting a issues, most i would be able to tackle myself, but after days spent scouring forums im lost at where to start. The truck starts fine when plugged in, but has a difficult time starting in 40 degree F weather when...
  3. Steering box conversion

    99-03 7.3 Drivetrain Problems
    So has anyone on here swapped out the old 2001 steering box for a 2010-2015? i did the axle swap and now with the dual stabilizers the stock box dosen't like to turn at slow speeds. (pulling into drive way or backing up) The truck sits on 40s and hates them lol. Anyone have the same situation?
  4. Pitman Arm vs Steering Box?

    Suspension & Steering
    Need some advice fellas...before I rip it MORE APART! Vehicle: 2002 F-350 7.3 4WD (SRW). Stock height. Purchased used. Steering is all over road. Turn wheel nothing happens. Sloppy. Cluncks etc. you all know the deal. NY salt - rusted vehicle. Been remedying that for a while now. Yes - ran a...
  5. Which is the best replacement steering box?

    Suspension & Steering
    Hi, I'm pretty sure my steering box is worn out, truck is right a 200k, I have a good bit of play in the wheel and I heard these boxes are not the best to start with. I have seen some that are called Red Head and then there is Cardone who is proudly showing off their improvements to the stock...
  6. Need help ASAP! shotty power steering and brakes

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Problems
    Ok so as the title says i need help getting my truck back to driving daily, its been down for two weeks. its a 2000 F-350 srw 4x4 lifted 4 inches with 20x10 wheels and 35's. so too start my truck was doing fine, then it started pulling hard one way thus i would steer slightly the other way and...
  7. Steering problem

    General 6.4L Discussion
    Well guys, something went wrong on my way home last night. I noticed the steering had excessive play in it suddenly. So, my guess is it's the steering box. Anyone else want to take some guesses? I looked at the steering components while my wife turned the steering wheel back and forth and...