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standpipe oring

  1. Not building pressure after replacing injector 4

    Engine 911
    Good Morning, I replaced injector 4 last night and now the truck will crank but not start. I have good battery voltage, ficm power ficm sync, not building Icp 50psi, ipr shut 85%... STC fitting updated, IPR updated, all gauges were good right before injector change. New valve cover gasket...
  2. where can i get standpipe o-rings

    6.0 Motor problems
    I will be replaceing all injector o rings on my 05 6.0 this weekend. Going to replace nipple cup o rings and install upgraded dummyplugs with the teflon ring. I want to replce the standpipe o rings but can not find them unless I buy a 50 dollar standpipe. Anyone know the part number for just the...