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  1. Dually Discussion
    Just starting to look for Stainless Exhaust for 2000 7.3t F350 single 4WD. I want 4" turbo back with a muffler. I don't really want it to be much louder than factory. What's out there and who are good sources. I'd like to know what my options are before the 2/14. There will be some vendors at...
  2. General
    I have stainless Ford steps off of a 2006 f250 crew cab I bought the wheel to wheel set for my truck so I am tryin to sell these they are in great condition I am located in central IL I am gonna ask 250 for them plus shipping but open to offers too!
  3. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    I currently have a set of MagnaFlow Stainless Steel 4" Duals with 5" Polished Tips. I paid $900 for the Kit, includes a BRAND NEW, NEVER INSTALLED Magnaflow Muffler, as well as a Muffler Delete kit. The kit looks brand new, no dents, or any sort of Damage. It is currently on the truck, but if...
1-3 of 3 Results