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  1. General 6.0L Discussion
    Bought this truck used and its time to replace the shocks. They are a Rancho shock and I would like to replace them with another Rancho shock. My problem is the truck I dont believe it is lifted but it seems to sit very even front to back and I suspect its leveled but im not sure. Is there a...
  2. 99-03 Ford Excursion Forum
    Finally bought the wife a 2000 7.3 4x4 excursion. Can anyone tell me if I put 2" f250 leveling springs up front, and stock f250 springs in the rear, will the excursion sit level? I don't want huge blocks in the back, as it already rides like crap. I'm looking for about 4" of lift all the way...
  3. Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    I'm currently running X+ codes up front with plans in the next few weeks of doing Bushwacker Cut-Out's(deer screwed up my fender and she needs some other body work so she's in the shop..) I already have a custom full replacement front bumper with lots of tire clearance. Original plans were a...
  4. Suspension Parts
    For sale: 2004 Excursion 6.0L axles, springs, 16" factory alloy wheels and good condition AT tires. Pulled out for a coil conversion. Good condition with around 200,000 miles. $2000 for everything. Email Robert at [email protected] for more details. Local pick-up only in New Orleans area.
  5. Suspension & Steering
    Well yall helped me alot when I re-sealed the top end of my 7.3, now I'm onto the next problem of annoyance, the front end clunking on a 2002. So far today I have replaced the swaybar bushings with Prothane bushings. What a pain to press out the end links but thankfully I have a 12ton press and...
  6. Suspension & Steering
    hey guys... just curious about my new (used) truck. I noticed my rear bump stops don't have any clearance from the springs. On the left side, the bump stop and the spring touch. The right side there is about a 1/8" clearance between the two. Is this normal? I wouldn't think so but this...
  7. Suspension Parts
    I need a 6" lift leaf pack for. He rear of my truck to cut out all these stupid blocks I don't trust them. So if anyone has a set of leaf springs let me know thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results