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  1. Trucks
    2008 Ford F350 Lariat Drw 4x4 6.4l Powerstroke diesel very hard to find combination of a fully loaded Lariat with navigation and a 6-speed manual transmission. This truck is in great shape inside and out, has been very well taken care of not my daily driver and is parked inside. Many upgrades...
  2. 6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2011-2016)
    Lets just say that I am absolutely impressed at how well my truck is running now I talked with Jeremy @ NoLimit diesel and he helped me throughout the entire process and boy is it great! If anyone wants to do the following and has any questions, feel free to comment or email me Spartan nGauge...
  3. 6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2011-2016)
    Going to purchase this and want to make sure im getting all the right info. Spartan nGauge Tuner for 2012 F350 6.7 Stock Internals Purchasing Shift On The Fly switch as well (SOTF) They come with the following preloaded tunes •40 HP Race •80 HP Race •120 HP Race •120 HP Race Enhanced •165 HP...
  4. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    SOLD!!! Spartan Phalanx (Dashdaq) tuner used in my 6.4L. Works well, no issues with the unit. Includes the following: --Dashdaq Series 2 (with all original box and documentation) --2GB SD card --programming cable --OBD2 connection cable --auxiliary control cable --Programmed with...
  5. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I can finally get my tune becuase My Uncle Sam is returning some of the money he borrows from me every week. I want to get a vote between the two listed for h&s and Spartan. My truck is only drove once every other or or once a month so it sits a lot. I have a snow plow on it and tow derby cars...
  6. General 6.4L Discussion
    This is going to get long, sorry. I'm asking alot in one post, any help is greatly appreciated in advance. MY DISCLAIMER: [ Fully Insured (100k Cargo, 1.5m Liability) ] [ Full USDOT & FMCSA Registered ] [ Full IFTA Tax Payer ] [ Full IRP Tagged ] [ Class "A" CDL Driver ] Myself and my truck...
  7. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    I traded my truck in on a 6.7L over the weekend. I have a Spartan Tuner with windshield mount and dash mount from my 6.4L. $800 and I will ship it next day shipping Also have AFE intake with both the blue oiled filter (needs cleaned) and the dry filter with less than 2k miles on it. $175 with...
  8. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I am wondering how the other custom tunes shift compared to spartan and Gearhead. I used to have spartan now I run gear head hot street. I am not bashing anyone I am just looking for more knowledge and comparison. I like my gear head tunes I just want to know how others compare. Thanks
  9. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hey guys, 1st time diesel owner and first time forum user! Please excuse my newness! Just bought 2008 F250 for pulling my boat, truck has only 66,000 miles and in excellent shape. I read a lot about DPF delete kits, and I think I have a Spartan kit installed but not completely sure. Truck has...
  10. 6.4L Problems Forum
    When I get up to highway speeds my trans hums and vibrates. 55-65 seems to vibrate (Ill get more accurate speeds when Im off work ) then it stops and then starts back up around 85-90 and above. It also stops doing it at all speeds when I accelerate. Any ideas Thanks
  11. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    how would I do in a race against a 6.0 with a 68 mm vat powermax while a small build? Thanks
  12. 6.4 Tranny Problems
    2008 6.4 PSD 83,000 miles. Been running the spartan 275 tune for a little over a year now. Was driving down the highway at 70 mph when I started to notice a loud howling / whining noise that seemed to match the rpm of the truck under power. Sounds like it is coming from right underneath the...
  13. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Recently switch over from spartan to gearhead and sold the spartan. so now im running blind and the sct livewire looks horrible and always falls. So im Looking for something like an edge or dashdaq bully dog etc Thanks
  14. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    So winter is coming and I live in a cold area so my high idle is important to me. The story of how this happened: I bought the truck in September 2012 used with the high idle already installed with a knob to adjust rpm. My high idle worked every time I flipped the 4th aux. switch right up until...
  15. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I switched from spartan to sct today and my truck has been running awesome, no problems and when I switched over to sct its running fine but the wrench light is on??? Any ideas whats causing that? Thanks for the help
  16. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    I have both items for sale. They fit 08-10 superdutys. Great condition, pm or text for pictures and info. 817996662five Thanks
  17. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Spartan tuner for sale in great condition. PM me best offer
  18. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I thought I would make a build thread even though I dont have much done yet compared to some of yall but will add to it as I go on. Hopefully I can help answer any questions and share what problems I ran into. Dont have the best pictures yet cause I had to dig through old pictures to make this...
  19. 6.7 Performance Parts Discussion (2011-2016)
    So I did a dpf delete and a spartan tune a little while ago hoping to get some better mileage and some more power. So I have the extra power I want but my fuel mileage is still lacking... First off the transmission shifting is not hard, it's firm, but everyone has their own opinion. Second the...
1-19 of 76 Results