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  1. I need advice, 6.0 California SMOG

    6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I have an 03' 6.0 that I need to get smogged. It is 100% legal at this point (not deleted) but I have a CEL for P0401 that won't stop coming back. I've replaced the EGR valve, BPD EGR Cooler, Oil Cooler, intake gaskets, had turbo serviced, replaced the air intake duct and CCV hose, pressure...
  2. Need to smog in CA, 2003 6.0 P0401.

    6.0 Motor problems
    I've been having a CEL for P0401 coming on since I bought this truck in 2018. 03' f250 w/ 6.0 @ 147,XXX miles. CALIFORNIA truck. NOT deleted. SHould theoretically pass minus the CEL for P0401. The truck runs great now. No major known issues currently. I've replaced EGR valve, bulletproof EGR...
  3. Passing smog on a 2004 e350 6.0 with 49 State Emissions Cert

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I am looking at buying a used E350 in Canada. However I live in California where we have to pass smog. After calling the Ford manufacturere and giving them the VIN# I was informed that the vehicle is EPA certified for emissions in 49 states. Has anyone smogged this type and year of ford with...
  4. Made in usa, is it important?

    General 6.0L Discussion
    So long story short my egr cooler went out in my 6.0 started looking for coolers online. Man what a price difference and very few say made in america. Are you guys going for cheap or proudly made in USA.....could not delete as I'm in the soviet state of California. Just looking to see if most...
  5. Question about Smog test/ state registration

    General Diesel Discussion
    Hey everybody, names Rick. Im newly registered to this forum but have been coming here for a couple years now looking for answers. I have a 2008 6.4 that I use everyday for my hauling business here in Vallejo California. My truck however is registered in Texas due to my time out there in the...
  6. Exhaust Help

    General Diesel Discussion
    Hey everyone. Im looking to install the mbrp S6212 turbo back straight pipe system on my 2005 6.0. I have to deal with emissions every 2 years. is it possible to keep my old exhaust system and re-install it before smog testing? I know the dp is a different size and the easiest way to remove the...
  7. CA and modding your truck (CARB EO stuff)

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Hey Cali guys and Girls, My truck is stock at the moment, I looking into Intake , Exhaust and programmer, However I may be getting orders to CA. Just wondering about restrictions for diesels and 1tons, I know in NY !tons do not have to be sniffed. Just wondering if there is anything I should...