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  1. Towing, Hauling & Diesel Competition
    Tommorow will be my first sled pull ever. I knowim gonna have to set the transfer case in 4low and probably pull in3rd? Not sure. Just looking for some advice and tips to make my first time go a little better. Thank you:icon_ford:
  2. General High Performance
    I need some direction in where to start building this truck to get the absolute most i can. It already has a egr delete kit on it but thats all. Can really use some help, thanks.:please:
  3. Southeast
    Hey yall, im tryin to get a diesel club together, i'd like to meet monthly, im trying to get some dyno days, sled pulls, any possible motorsports or gatherings together, as well as BBQs and bonfires n such, and since theres not much in the area as far as diesel related motorsports/ parts vendors...
1-3 of 3 Results