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single turbo
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  1. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    I really want to do a single swap on my 6.4 powerstroke but I tow fairly often with and want to know the best turbo sizing to go with for it. I don’t want to have extremely high egts but I know it won’t be nearly as cool as the factory compounds keep it. I tow a cat 304 excavator quite a bit...
  2. 6.4L Problems Forum
    Hey guys lost my turbo a few weeks back and I'm getting to do solution kit, tranny and turbo upgrade. My truck is set up for for show (8' lift and 22s and 37s) but I'm really interested in mpds s366 kit they have. Does anyone on here have experience with single turbo 6.4s? Will it be too laggy...
1-2 of 2 Results