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  1. The Swap Meet
    Okay not sure if anyone is interested but I have a brand new set of toyo Mt 37x13.50s just bought yesterday for 1,980 on a set of almost new 18" XD monsters.. I'd like to get a set of 22.5s and adapters.. And if you have a Dually and want to swap I have a 05' f350 SRW with 3.73s and I also have...
  2. Suspension Parts
    I have sold my truck, and my new truck is not a dually. I am selling these 99% new tires/wheels/adapters that I purchased new 8/24/11. They only have around 5k miles on them! I have the invoice from showing I paid $5670. They are the Alcoa Classic round hole Dura-bright wheels...
1-2 of 2 Results