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  1. Bench Seat Repair/Replace for XL '02

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Hey everyone, first post here. I have a 2002 7.3L F250 SuperDuty XL with one of the classic console-less bench seats. Picture below isn't my truck, but the same interior. I love the bench seat but its seen some wear and tear. The back support is gone on both the driver and passenger sides and...
  2. Harley Davidson Rear Bucket seat trade

    General 6.0L Discussion
    I have an 07 harley davidson with rear bucket seats and have no need for them anymore. is there anywhere i can buy rear harley bench seat or is anyone interested in a trade? lmk ASAP
  3. What are the most comfortable front seats to swap in?

    General Diesel Discussion
    Hi All. I am interested in swapping out my cloth bench seats in my '99 to something that's more comfortable. The seats in mine feel like I'm riding on top of the seat instead of in it, if that makes any sense. That being said, what are the best options for swapping in some of the captains...
  4. Crew cab seats in a extend cab

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Hello all, This is my first post/ thread.. So take it easy on me I had a friend buy Harley Davidson seats for my 350 extended cab 2002 out of a 07 crew cab the more I'm reading seems like I'm stuck with seats with not belts..? I will die to have these seats put in can anyone help? Also I...
  5. Passenger Airbag Switch Location

    General Diesel Discussion
    Hi, I purchased a 2006 F-350 Lariat. It has all the options available except the moon roof. My manual says that I have a Passenger Airbag Switch so I can turn off the Passenger Airbag when I have no one riding in the Passenger seat. I have looked everywhere on the dash and can't see the switch...
  6. tp-55???

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Hey everyone, trying to get the seats outta my 99 f350. Tried using a t55 and is a little loose. Trucks been sitting for awhile and I've been reading that the bolts are actually a torx plus t-55 (tp-55). Does anyone have a link or an idea where to find one? I've looked at the snap on, and mac...
  7. king ranch reat swap

    6.0L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    I have a 2006 King Ranch Crew Cab with the buckets and center console in the rear. I am looking to trade someone who has a bench seat for a king ranch truck being that i just found out the other day that i am having twins. The seats are in great shape and pictures can be made available at...
  8. 1998 E-350 PSD - Upgraded front seats?

    E-Series Van Discussion
    Hi all, I have a '98 E-350 PSD and I am unfortunately really not loving the front seats. My particular van has had some weird previous lives as a "camper" and had some odd interior changes done. Bottom line - I'm looking for some upgraded seats. The current ones have minimal lumbar support...
  9. Will seats from an '07 SD crew fit an '02

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Does any body know if the seats from a 2007 or 2008 SD crew cab fit straight into a 2002 SD crew cab and if they don't, is there a lot of modification involved?
  10. Will seats from an '07 Crew fit an '02 ?

    94-98 7.3L Interior Discussion
    Does any body know if the seats from a 2007 or 2008 crew cab fit straight into a 2002 crew cab and if they don't, is there a lot of modification involved?
  11. Best seating for bad back (any year)

    6.0L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    Long story short. Car accident... A lot of damage to me... Reapirs have been made to me but they only do so much. ...Sitting in my truck blows anymore let alone driving it anywhere for even the shortest period of time. I want to be able to drive my truck for more than 10 minutes without my legs...
  12. WTB or WTT rear bench seat for captains chairs

    Interior Parts
    I have a rear bench seat in a 2008 F250 Lariat with the tan leather and I am looking to take it out and replace it with 2 captains chairs so if you have any for sale or trade pet me know I am in Houston 601-754-6243
  13. 2 bench seats for 93-97 f series

    Interior Parts
    i put some different seats in my rig so these need to find a new home, in descent condition other than rip on drivers side on one seat Bench seats from 1993-1997 f series truck asking $200 OBO, or trade for other powerstroke stuff, quick spool turbo housing, tymar intake, or a tailgait would be...
  14. Need new Seats

    99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Interior Discussion
    I have a 99 F250 Lariat and I'm trying to find replacement seats. I found a good deal for all leather seats from an 06 expedition. Are these able to be bolted in?
  15. who wants to hear a stupid question....

    General 6.4L Discussion
    so this may be a stupid question but here goes. my girlfriend's 94 crown victoria has a keypad on the door (just like me) and you can set "custom adjustments" to different codes, like seat adjustments, and mirrors. is this possible on my 08? like can i have everything set to my driving on one...