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  1. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    Is there some contraption that enables us to use our 8" screen for videos, etc without wires being everywhere?
  2. 6.0 Motor problems
    Nearly there - new injectors, glowplugs and was ready to replace STC fitting but someone had been there before. Must had dumped a few crumbs under the HPOP oil cover and had a blocked IPR screen - replaced that (diagnosed with autoenginuity) maybe need to go in and do another screen replace...
  3. General 6.0L Discussion
    Just finished replacing the EGR cooler, oil cooler, dummy plugs, stand pipe and STC fitting. Truck started and idled very ruffly then died after about a 90 seconds. Truck would not start again and had a p2285 code. Pulled out the IPR and the screen and plastic part was gone. Any idea what to...
  4. 94-98 7.3L General Powerstroke Discussion
    Where exactly is the fpr screen?
  5. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    Hi, I'm new to, and new to the PSD world as well. I bought an '04 F350 3 months ago. It's a stock truck, and seems to be in great condition. I bought a used Edge Platinum Juice Attitude tuner yesterday. I've installed it as per instructions, but the head unit won't show anything...
  6. 6.4 Electronics Discussion
    looking to buy a screen and was seeing if i could an any input or suggestions good or bad. thanks
1-6 of 6 Results