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  1. General Diesel Discussion
    Yesterday i went to fill up my transfer tank at a local station after a long trip towing and long story short i ended up leaving fueless. I pulled up to the station and started putting my info in the machine when this 5'1'' gas attendant came up and was already on my a$$. He said to turn off my...
  2. 99-03 7.3 Motor Problems
    I just bought a 2002 Ford 7.3 and I have a quick question. It has one of those DP tuners on it and when I go to selection 1 on the switcher, it lugs and the turbo doesn't even spool, and when I go to three, it puts me through the seat. The check engine light is on and no code reader I have can...
  3. Exterior Parts
    I want to buy two of the step running boards. Not a long running board, just the step. Let me know what you got with a price. Thanks
  4. 99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Picked up a set of Amp Research electirc running boards for the truck over the weekend. Paid a VERY reasonable price for them, from an org member too! New these things are like what...........$1100? Picked them up last night, ordered a wiring harness earlier today and picked up some nuts and...
  5. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    I would like to energize daytime running lights on my 2004 F250. In looking at the wiring diagrams and researching the web it appears I may only have to purchase the drl module and resistor. Does anyone have any experience with this? Many Thanks.
1-5 of 5 Results