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  1. General 6.0L Discussion
    I have recently begun nursing a 2005 6L X pack to health. I have done a coolant flush, blue spring mod, updated STC fitting and IPR, new batteries and glow plugs. Also changed out both the fuel filters and changed the oil to T6.. Its up and IDILING.. I knew it needed injectors but I wanted...
  2. 6.0 Motor problems
    I have some injectors not working properly. Stiction or just dirty or old. My 6.0 has 238,000 and has had 3 injectors put in. I'm getting a code on 2 of the last 5. I was just Wounder if anyone has used "Rev X" and if the stuff really works. I wasn't sure if I should just replace the last 5...
1-2 of 2 Results