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  1. TRS Retrofit kit w/ oem headlights

    Exterior Parts
    Brand new Retrofit Source hid retrofit kit. Started the project by baking apart a set of OEM Ford lights and then never finished and ended up selling the truck. All of the TRS components are brand new in box and never installed. The oem lights have been baked apart and disassembled already to...
  2. Need to find Someone to do my Projector Retrofit?

    6.4 Exterior Discussion
    So, I got in everything I need to do my projector retrofit. However, i'm not in the states to do it myself and I've had no luck finding a place around my hometown that will do it. I know there are some people on here who have done it or may know some people that will. Any help would be...
  3. Headlight Options - New/Retrofit, Buy/DIY?

    6.0L Exterior Discussion
    The stock headlights are pretty crummy, so I want to upgrade and do it right in a cost effective manner. The lenses on my existing headlights have some crackling in the plastic. Not fogged looking, but little vertical crackles that don't go all the way through. I don't think a lens...
  4. 2011+ steering wheel upgrade

    6.4 Electronics Discussion
    Will the 2011/2012 Steering's cruise control be compatible with my 2008 F250?